Automate Your Support

SmartAssist uses the world’s most powerful machine learning technology to help you deflect more tickets, lower response times and allow your agents to focus on solving customers’ issues.

Here's How It Works


Triage Free Routing

SmartAssist predicts which group or individual agent should receive each new ticket.

Recommended Response

SmartAssist prompts agents with the best macros and templates for resolution based on the content of the ticket/ issue your customer is experiencing.

Automated Reply

SmartAssist automatically responds to tickets where you’ve deemed it appropriate based on your chosen criteria and comfort level.


SmartAssist generates several key observations through its learning process to help you reflect on/ inform changes and improve your overall support processes.

How it works


SmartAssist’s machine learning technology analyzes your closed tickets and identifies the patterns in how those tickets were classified, routed and resolved.


As new support tickets arrive, SmartAssist immediately examines their content and predicts ticket attributes or recommends an appropriate response template.


Based on the SmartAssist predictions, you can trigger routing rules or response macros to automate your support processes.


As tickets are closed, SmartAssist learns and adapts its predictions so it is always up-to-date with your current customer support needs and processes.


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