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As a leader in online gaming, Product Madness receives tens of thousands of support emails every month, handled by a small, efficient team of agents. Buried in that mountain of requests are customers experiencing purchase issues, where speed of response matters or that revenue walks out the door.

With such a high volume of requests, response times vary and identifying specific inbound emails as purchase issues using standard keyword triggers proved inadequate. As a result, Product Madness knew they were leaving significant money on the table and needed a different approach.


AnswerIQ's machine learning applications helped Product Madness uncover that hidden revenue. AnsweriQ's solution works by:

  • Learning the language patterns which have historically represented purchase issues
  • Analyzing the content of each support ticket on arrival to predict the likely intent of the ticket
  • Integrating seamlessly into Product Madness's support software to identify purchase issues and route them immediately
  • Adapting automatically to changing support conditions and new customer language patterns


With AnsweriQ, Product Madness identifies and resolves thousands of purchase issues every month that would have otherwise gone unresolved in time to capture that revenue. Customers are happy because they get immediate gratification and Product Madness earns their business and grows revenue through rapid support response.