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You got our package! Awesome. 

Great call on checking us out! Why? Here at AnswerIQ we are revolutionizing customer support for organizations around the world. Yes, really.

Look, you probably receive tens of thousands of support tickets every month, and while response times do vary, there's no "pause" button in the world of e-commerce. When you launch a new product, roll out a support update, or connect with a community that actually wants to connect with you, you'll see a spike in support requests. That's where we step in.

Rapid Support Response

At AnswerIQ, our unique approach to automating the more straightforward support functions has helped companies just like yours to reduce inbound ticket volume by as much as 30%. This frees up agents to focus on the more complex, nuanced requests that benefit most from a personal touch. It also saves thousands of dollars every week.

Specifically, we help companies:

  • Deflect as much as 30% of incoming tickets, making zero contact resolution a reality

  • gamer-2

    Eliminate backlog, especially during product launches and updates!

  • Prioritize VIP customers and ensure they are getting top-notch service every time

  • Assist agents with the tools and templates to expedite first contact response

"AnswerIQ helps our agents focus on our customer interactions by getting the right topic in front of the right resource at the right time. It helps us improve the future by learning from the successes or failures of our past."


Sean Rivers, Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless

Find out how one company reduced customer response time from three hours to three minutes with AnswerIQ. 


P.S. You'll get the AirPods regardless of the outcome!