AnswerIQ is looking for Machine Learning Engineers to join our team. Our team dedicate to apply Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning in the enterprise customer support space, as well as provide data analytic service to our customers. We develop sophisticated algorithms and applications to automate the customer service including responding the ticket, classifying ticket issues, engaging conversations with customers. You will build, test and deploy ML applications; create and manage ML infrastructure and data pipeline; run experiments and develop algorithms to improve AnswerIQ ML and NLP engines.


  • (Required) Master or PhD in computer science with focus on machine learning and natural language processing
  • (Required) Experience in building and deploying large-scale production level applications related to machine learning and natural language processing
  • Experience with modern software development tools and environments (Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins, AWS/Elastic Beanstalk, Terraform, etc.)
  • Strong programming skills in Python and other object oriented programming languages (Java, Scala, C++, etc.)
  • Strong knowledge in machine learning and statistics (classification, regression, recommendation, clustering, boosting, graphical models, etc.)
  • Experience with deep learning frameworks (Tensorflow, CNTK, Mxnet, Keras, etc.)