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New Name, Same Acclaim — Introducing AnswerIQ & The Parrot

You may have seen we have a new name and a new mascot! Let’s start with the fun part, why the parrot?

When we were brainstorming our mascot, we identified a few words and emotions that are important for us: empathy, smart, mimicry, EQ (emotional intelligence), communication, vibrancy, and of course, fun! There are actually quite a lot of animals that fit some of those descriptions.

Ultimately we picked our friendly parrot because we identify with their innate skills of mimicry, communication, intelligence, and lovability. Follow me on this one — the parrot represents how AnswerIQ learns from agent-approved historically closed tickets and then predicts, and mimics, proven response macro for new incoming tickets.

Our intelligent parrot is constantly learning from your team, and assists them with serving your customers quickly, accurately, and with the highest quality.

Now let’s answer your second question, why the name change?

For the last six months, we've been on a journey to make the customer support experience easier and more efficient for consumers and agents alike. After a few exciting changes, and a major acquisition, we found the answer to making customer support more intuitive.

Who we are today, and what we offer, is owed to a successful past in AI integration for customer support. Last November, GE acquired the startup Wise.io to bolster its machine learning capabilities. While Wise.io’s core competency was in machine learning, its main product focused on helping enterprises manage customer service requests. My Cofounder Prashant Luthra and I spun out Wise.io from GE to form a new company, formerly called SmartAssist.io, called AnswerIQ. We've had the distinct pleasure of expanding our AI offerings after the GE acquisition under our new name: AnswerIQ. New and existing customers include Groupon, Twilio, MailChimp, ProductMadness, Thumbtack, Zenefits and others.

[Check out the full story in TechCrunch].

We chose the name AnswerIQ because we help you answer questions using sophisticated artificial intelligence — AI is in our name and streamlining the customer support experience is our game. Specifically, our mission is to help your business provide customers with the right answer. Easier said than done, right? Your Customer Support Team is on the frontline of the customer experience and need all the support possible to offer fast and effective service. We do everything in our power to help them provide answers to customer questions with speed and accuracy (not to mention a little human compassion).

This is all possible through AnswerIQ AI technology. We leverage the most advanced natural language processing techniques, sophisticated algorithms, machine learning, and common sense to provide customers what they expect out of the support experience: a quick and reliable resolution from a sympathetic agent.

We believe in improving the future by learning from the past. We’re not a unreliable chat bot or static rules-based AI system that quickly breaks. Instead, our AI learns from your agent’s expertise, studies all your closed tickets, confidently predicts where each ticket should be routed, provides recommended responses, AND automates routine tickets.

If you have over 30 agents or more than 10,000 tickets a month, let us bring your cost per ticket down by at least 25% within six months. Reach out, we’d love to work with you.