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Go Global or Go Home: The Right Triage Business Solution

For a business to be competitive in today’s world, they have to be global. And, not just when it comes to sales and marketing or distribution of product, but when it really counts: in customer support. The rub is how to deliver top-notch customer service in multiple languages across multiple geographies.

Most businesses already struggle with everything from hiring and on-boarding support agents to finding ways to reduce time to first assignment, and many are challenged to systematically report accurate KPIs such as Average Handle Time (AHT) across languages.

These companies are missing the opportunity to automatically identify and route inbound content from subject line to ticket contentforcing them to tackle this hurdle manually, resulting in a longer response time, higher customer and agent frustration, and lower CSAT scores.

All this said, there have been tremendous advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and given the very real need in the market for a sophisticated way to automatically triage with language detection, the stars have ultimately aligned. Some global companies were ahead of the curve, especially if their business is hinged on global service, for instance travel. The leading travel website today has addressed triage perfectly, with a solution that seamlessly works across 16 languages!

As your business continues to scale—domestically or globally—language-based segmentation and full product lifecycle support across geographies and culturally diverse populations (right in your own backyard) will become deciding factors for your success. Without that, you’re shutting out potential customers and perhaps entire populations of people.

In a recent report, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) found that customer engagement and loyalty are company-wide priorities for 94.47% of companies. In that same report, companies claimed improving multi-language experiences is a key focus area, second only to implementing new technologies.

An evolving, automated triage solution that segments tickets by language, product issues, and even customer sentiment enables your business to pair those issues with the best-suited team members. That means no more scrambling as your support reps focus on solving problems that best match their expertise. Providing intelligent language support early gives you a competitive advantage when reaching wider, culturally diverse audiences. You’ll establish familiarity and understand demand within your customer base—foundations for future successes.

With the right triage solution in place, your business can manage otherwise complex interactions with multi-lingual audiences. Along with other factors like severity and value, the system automatically classifies and segments by language, and even customer inflection. That means support reps with the right language background and expertise get their tickets instantly, reducing the time to first assignment and minimizing average handle time (AHT). You can rid your team of those manual processes that directly correlate with CSAT scores dropping and cost to resolve spiking.

If your support team receives at least 20,000 tickets a month, or has more than 50 agents, AnswerIQ can help reduce your cost per ticket by at least 25 percent within six months.

Sign up for the AIQ Demo and see for yourself how AI for customer support improves CXM efficiency right away.


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