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3 Ways AnswerIQ Improves Customer Service

Everyone has had a bad customer service experience. Long wait times and ineffectual support are hard to forget, and poor customer support can impact the general opinion of a company for years. You want your company to be remembered for the timely, helpful support it provides customers, but seemingly unavoidable system bottlenecks stand in the way of good intentions. Luckily, emerging automation technology is streamlining the process.

Customer support can sometimes cause more frustration than the issue that spurred the call in the first place. AnswerIQ has set out to resolve this contradiction and improve customer support through intuitive, machine learning technology that optimizes the process for companies and customers. Our AI technology observes a customer service system, learns patterns and optimizes ticket resolution through automation and augmentation. Here are 3 ways we’re making customer service systems more efficient and useful for customers and companies:

1. Automated Predictions Improve Routing

As a customer, there is nothing more frustrating than waiting on hold for support only to be transferred multiple times. This annoyance is very common within customer support services, but can be avoided. Customer support musical chairs is a thing of the past with the help of machine learning integration.

AnswerIQ technology analyzes customer support tickets and discovers patterns in routing, classification and resolution. Patterns inform how issues should be handled, and by whom, to ensure customers are not lost in the shuffle. By predicting the best department or representative for a ticket, customers benefit from superior service and an added, personal touch to support. Routing rules and response macros can be altered based on AnswerIQ predictions in order to automate the process, ensure correct routing and increase efficiency.

2. Timely Responses Lead to Customer Satisfaction

Machine learning automation improves ticket flow and reduces wait times. The AnswerIQ intuitive algorithm improves workflow with every ticket by learning from all past interactions to better optimize future ones. Based off AnswerIQ predictions and machine learning insights, you can improve ticket dissemination and protocols.

After learning patterns, AnswerIQ can automate responses to recurring customer issues, which will reduce tedium and improve productivity. We can automatically respond to tickets based on chosen criteria, which is a win/win for customers and companies. Quick, automated responses avoid customer frustration and frees up representatives to focus on customer concerns without being bogged down by recurring, easily resolvable issues.

3. AnswerIQ is Always Adapting to Client Needs

Like a fine wine, AnswerIQ technology gets better with age. By constantly learning and adapting, we are always improving, and staying up-to-date with your current customer support needs and processes. We learn with every ticket, which makes for a better, individually tailored customer support experience.

AnswerIQ technology also helps companies improve customer support processes by generating key observations and recommendations. Through its learning process, we help you inform changes and improve overall support by offering pattern insight that would otherwise go unnoticed. This insight can help companies evaluate their service to better meet customer needs.

AnswerIQ can be integrated into existing customer support systems — making it easy to improve productivity and customer satisfaction through machine learning. Learn how intelligent automation streamlines the customer support experience by improving productivity, efficiency and quality.

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