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Automated Triage

With automated triage in place, time-intensive, manual routing practices that deliver sub-optimal results are replaced by automated, and intelligent routing rules created from patterns in past customer interactions. Automated triage gives you the ability to instantly classify across a wide range of fields and systems. Our Automated Triage system also enables you to segment by language, sentiment (support tickets routed by customer inflection), and product/operational line.

Key Benefits of Automated Triage


Tickets are automatically routed within minutes, which effectively reduces customer wait times and frees up agent bandwidth.


Leveraging machine learning and legacy ticket resolution ensures accuracy because the machine continually learns and adapts to current customer support needs


Automated Triage removes the subjectivity and bias inherent in processing tickets by hand and enables companies to conserve valuable Support manpower that could be put to better use elsewhere.

Customer Success Stories

The world's largest travel company routes over half a million tickets a month — without any human oversight. Most businesses with high volumes of tickets/cases use rules-based automation, but this method has limited success and requires significant human interaction. With the help of triage technology, this company automatically routes tickets at an accuracy rate of over 90 percent.

Thumbtack® is an online service that millions of customers use every day to find professionals such as plumbers, handymen, piano teachers, etc. to assist with specialized tasks. Thumbtack is able to handle over a million requests a year, with only a small pool of agents, because they use Automated Triage.