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Assist your agents with AI, while automating routine tasks.

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to increase first contact resolution, reduce average handle time, even make zero contact resolution a reality.

100% automated ticket classification and 50% time-to-response reduction
Thumbtack nets 640% ROI with Automated Triage application
Republic Wireless uses AI to automatically resolve 25% of its tickets

Customers come to your business with questions, we help you provide the right answers.

How AI Based Customer Service Works

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Reduce ticket volume

When your customers submit a question or issue that is covered in your knowledge base or discussed in forums, we will first recommend possible solutions before ever creating a support ticket.

Automate triage

We identify patterns in your agent responses to ensure incoming tickets get to the right team or agent, pronto. This way your best agents don’t have to spend their precious time on this process.

Reduce handle time

We enable you to automatically respond to tickets once you deem it appropriate based on chosen confidence criteria and comfort level. Automatic response allows agents to spend less time on recurring issues, and more time on problem solving for your customers.

Boost productivity

After evaluating your closed tickets, we surface the top three recommended responses along with supporting content from your knowledge base, for new tickets. Agents pick the best one, personalize it, and send it along!


Self Assist is an intelligent "deflection" tool that understands the context and content of incoming tickets and uses AI to provide relevant content suggestions right from your knowledge base. When your customer is about to submit a question or issue, Self Assist will suggest an answer from your content sources. This enables customers to self-discover the right answer quickly, utilizing the wealth of information that exists in your content portals. With this self-service AI tool, you’ll notice an immediate reduction in ticket volume and you'll free up your agents’ bandwidth to focus on the issues that require creativity and customer connection.
Chatbot leverages the power of AI and NLP to drive seamless engagement with customers before a ticket is ever submitted, enabling your organization to automatically respond to customer queries, intelligently route requests to a member of your support team, and guide customers toward one or more knowledge base articles to help themselves! The best part is that Chatbot continually improves the quality, presentation, and effectiveness of your content because it learns from customer queries and identifies knowledge gaps or redundancies, augmenting the experience for the next customer!
With this Automated ticket Triage in place, time-intensive, manual routing practices that deliver sub-optimal results are replaced by automated, predictive, and intelligent routing rules created from patterns in past customer interactions. Automated triage gives you the ability to instantly classify across a wide range of fields and systems; your organization can segment by severity so that the most critical issues get top priority and/or by VIP status so that the most valuable customers get helped first. Our Automated Triage system also enables you to segment by language, sentiment (support tickets routed by customer inflection), and product/operational line. 
Automated ticket - responses with zero-touch from agents is the ultimate goal for most businesses as there is no human cost attached to handling the ticket. After a period of studying tickets, AI can begin automatically responding to tickets and issues like refunds, password resets, package tracking, and other common tickets, prime for automation. Once the AI system has reached a predetermined confidence threshold (usually 70 percent or more) it can begin automating tickets, relieving agents from repetitive tasks, and enabling them to spend more time offering individualized customer care.

The Agent Assist AI tool for customer service enables faster ticketing, easy integration into current CXMs and has led to improved agent satisfaction for our clients.

Agent Assist is an intelligent assistant that plugs right into your existing CXM and helps your agents be more productive by connecting them to that content quickly. Our cutting-edge machine learning solution analyzes your past ticket responses, knowledgebase content, and interactions in forums to build a solution recommendation model for you. So, no matter where the ‘right’ solution lives—your knowledgebase, templates, or forums—Agent Assist will source it and present it to your agents for speedier issue resolution.

The power of AnswerIQ stems from the full product suite working collectively to deliver a holistic view of your support organization efficiency, including a content gap analysis. Most support teams have a general sense of things like average handle time and backlog/number of tickets in the queue. That said, the majority of support teams don’t have a strong sense of how their communications resonate with customers, where there may be gaps in the content repository, or even how redundant templates may be affecting the most accurate exchanges. That’s where you need customer experience assessment tools. And that’s where we step in. 

AnswerIQ has developed a unique analytics dashboard that works alongside our solution set to identify gaps and redundancies in your organization’s templates and knowledge base; pinpointing where resolution is not as efficient as it can be.
Why our customers love AnswerIQ:

“SmartAssist enabled us to reduce our customer response time from three hours to three minutes, while re-assigning our 40-person triage team to value creating activities.”

Travis Oliver, Thumbtack

“SmartAssist helps our agents focus on our customer interactions by getting the right topic in front of the right resource at the right time. It helps us improve the future by learning from the successes or failures of our past."

Sean Rivers, Director of Customer Service at Republic Wireless

“AnswerIQ’s Auto Response provides us with a cost-effective and powerful solution for providing our customers with answers to their most common questions and enables our agents with tools to be more agile in their interactions. This helps our team focus personal attention to our high priority customers."

Francesca Noli, VP of Marketing at Product Madness

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If you get over 10,000 tickets per month or have over 50 agents, we can bring your cost per ticket down by at least 25% within three months.