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AI Solutions for Customer Service in the Gaming Industry

The burgeoning gaming industry is fast outpacing other entertainment behemoths like music and movies in terms of revenue in excess of $100 Bn in 2018 alone. With millions of players of all demographics enjoying their “freemium” & “premium” games almost round the clock, there's a huge talkative user-base out there. And the bigger the audience, the more the issues raised, reviews thrown around and judgements formed – all impacting current and future sales - especially on a platform that sees constant evolutions and updates that piggyback on previous versions’ success.

Handle ticket spikes, social queues and more, seamlessly for both paid and free players - normally a tricky proposition – one that can create a ready customer for the next game or the dreaded “wronged player”. Download the white paper to know more about trends in the gaming industry and how acing customer support in the gaming industry through AI should be a priority for CX managers. 

Find out how AnswerIQ’s bouquet of AI solutions for customer support can help the gaming giants’ level-up. AnswerIQ focuses on the issues that game publishing firms typically face in the customer care space. It offers Zero-Contact Resolution, Self Assist, Automated Triages and more AI and RPA powered tech-solutions rooted in AI to smooth out gaming support.

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