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Agent Assist

Agent Assist is an intelligent assistant that plugs right into your existing CXM and helps your agents be more productive by connecting them to that content quickly. No matter where the ‘right’ solution lives—your knowledge base, templates, or forums—Agent Assist will source it and present it to your agents for speedier issue resolution.

Key Benefits of Agent Assist

Reduce Handle Time

With Agent assist an organisation can cover unto 80% of tickets and bring down the average handle time of the organisation

Reduced Training Cost

Onboarding becomes greatly simplified because new agents are trained with the most successful templates derived from historical resolution.

Improved Agent Satisfaction

Agents no longer have to hunt through hundreds of macros for the best answer to a question

Customer Success Stories

Thumbtack® is an online service that millions of customers use every day to find professionals such as plumbers, handymen, piano teachers, etc. to assist with specialized tasks. Thumbtack is able to handle over a million requests a year, with only a small pool of agents, because they use AIQ Agent Assist. Thumbtack agent productivity has improved by over 30 percent with recommended response templates. 

A leading gaming provider with ticket volume of 200K+ tickets per month and 400 agents, implements over 1,000 templates to respond to 70 percent of their tickets. They saw a 66 percent increase in agent productivity (50 tickets/day rather than 30) using AnswerIQ Agent Assist.